the land of confusion


I woke today
Inside the train of dreams
The rain poured down in black and white
I stood and stared
The rest of what remains
My own world crumbling around
(A wild world crumbling around)
I held my tears
One day comes after another
The falling rain
Caressed my skin again
Just let it flow to wash away
The time gone by
Feeling long denied
My heart is no more bounded in vain(In pain)
And now it’s clear
One day leads on to another
I dried my tears(Cried my tears)
There's so much else to discover
Somewhere...I hear the sound
Of thousand voices
I lost my innocence
I'm on my way
Across the desert
To rescue what I sent
Out of my heart and way
Now it's clear
One day leads on to another
To find our fears
Find the way back to each other

Quantas vezes ouvi isto e lembrei-me de ti, umas vezes por raiva, outras por esperança ou então por desespero e incompreensão, e hoje, oiço porque apercebi-me que esta batalha está ganha.

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